Monthly Meeting

Apr 24 (Mon) and May 22 (Mon) at 14h15 in the 15th arrondissement. Please contact Yolande Favreau for details if you wish to attend.

Special Visit(s)

Apr 25 (Tue) @ 14:30: Fashion Designer Visit organised by Christa Schreinzer.
May 10 (Wed) @ 12:00: Château de Breteuil. Please sign up with Luce Menut-Devos.
May 23 (Tue) @ 16:00: Musée Marmottan with AIW Malta Club visitors. Please contact Catherine Stephenson.
June 16 (Fri) @ 07:20: A Day in Nantes. Please sign up with Luce Menut-Devos.

Special Event(s)

1 Day Shopping at Vallée Village on Apr 27 (Thu). Please contact Chantal Bazot for details.
Lunch Around the World at 12:30 on Jun 2 (Fri).  Please sign up with Elizabeth Gatumel or Christa Schreinzer.

Monthly Activities

Tea Time: Apr 28 (Fri) and May 31 (Wed) @ 15:00. Please contact Marianne Haloua for details.
International Cooking Class (French): May 12 (Fri) @10:00. Please contact Barbara Cadoux for details.
Monthly Photo Outing: Apr 26 (Wed) @ 14:00 and May 19 (Fri) @10:30. Please sign up with Teresa Fernàndez.

For weekly activities schedule, please click here.