Monthly Meeting

Oct 30 (Mon) and Nov 27 (Mon) at 14h15 in the 15th arrondissement. Please sign up with Yolande F. or Jan T. if you wish to attend.

Special Visit(s)/Event(s)

Nov 15 (Wed) at 12:30. Visit to Conseil d’Etat (Palais Royal)
Dec 13 (Wed) at 14:00. Visit to Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité
Please sign up the above visits with Catherine S.

Dec 11 (Mon) at 12:00. Christmas Lunch

Monthly Activities

Tea Time: Oct 26 (Thu) at 15:00.
Lunch Around the World: Oct 27 (Fri) and Nov 24 (Fri) 
at 12:30.
Hospitality Coffee/Tea
: Oct 31 (Tue) at 15:30 and Nov 23 (Thur) at 14:30

For schedule of weekly or bi-weekly activities, please click here.