Monthly Meeting

AGM – June 19 (Mon) at 14h15 in the 15th arrondissement. Please contact Yolande Favreau for details if you wish to attend.

Special Event(s)

Lunch Around the World at 12:30 on Jun 2 (Fri).

Special Visit(s)

June 16 (Fri) @ 07:20: A Day in Nantes. Please sign up with Luce Menut-Devos.

Monthly Activities

Tea Time: June 29 (Thu) @ 15:00. Please contact Marianne Haloua for details.
International Cooking Class (French): June 8 (Thu) @10:00. Please contact Barbara Cadoux for details.
Monthly Photo Outing: June 14 (Wed) @10:30. Please sign up with Teresa Fernàndez.

For weekly activities schedule, please click here.