About Us

Le WIC de Paris was formed in early 1996 to enable women of different nationalities living in and around Paris to share their cultures in a friendly environment. It is open to women of all nationalities who have lived in an international environment and who are willing to participate in the life of the Club.

We are a membership based volunteer organization run by members for members. Our membership is composed of approximately 150 members of more than 40 different nationalities. A balance between nationalities is maintained to ensure that a truly international atmosphere exists within the Club.

It is the aim of Le WIC de Paris to offer a wide array of activities and functions for members by members. Fluency in English is a pre-requisite as all functions are conducted in English (excluding the language groups.)

The Club has a monthly meeting 9 months of the year (excluding July and August) with a guest speaker. In addition, we have an annual Christmas lunch (in December) organized for our members.  The Club also has a monthly coffee morning, normally at a member’s home, visits, gatherings with partners, movies, theatre sessions, social lunches.

Each member receives a monthly e-letter. Some events or activities are free to members and in some cases subsidized.

Le WIC de Paris is a part of the global Open Door network of International Women’s Associations.

Le WIC de Paris is a private club whose members are co-opted. It is a non-profit making organization, membership may not be used for commercial purposes. It has no political or religious involvement.  To this effect any commercial contact will be disregarded.

Le WIC de Paris is a registered non-profit organisation governed by the 1901 French Law (Loi du 1er juillet 1901).